Test your knowledge on the big Utah news stories of 2013

  1. Which Taylorsville Republican headed the Special House Investigative Committee into John Swallow?
  2. Name the first gay couple to legally marry in Utah.
  3. Whom will Ron Bigelow replace as West Valley City mayor?
  4. Which Salt Lake City park's pond was closed in a June 2010 Chevron oil spill?
  5. The ACA allows adult children to remain on a parent's health plan until what age?
  6. LDS General Conference takes place which two months?

  7. Pope Francis, the first pontiff from Latin America, used to be the archbishop of which major Argentine city?
  8. Where was Joseph Paul Franklin born on April 13, 1950?
  9. Name the 12 personal attributes listed in the Scout Law

  10. Name the other three countries joining the U.S. in Group G in next year's World Cup in Rio?

  11. Name the 4th District judge who presided over Martin MacNeill's murder trial.
  12. How much was the bond Bluffdale issued to help pay for water lines to serve the NSA center?
  13. True or false, Jim Matheson defeated the following republicans his seven congressional bids: Derek Smith in 2000, John Swallow in 2002 and 2004, LaVar Christensen in 2006, Bill Dew in 2008, Morgan Philpot in 2010, Mia Love in 2012.
  14. Which LDS Church president issued the Manifesto of 1890?
  15. Was Matthew David Stewart a decorated veteran?
  16. Where was Ted Ligety born?
  17. Which reservoir was Troy James Knapp near when officers arrested him?