Fatal shootings by Utah law enforcement

The Salt Lake Tribune has compiled a database of 87 fatal shootings by law enforcement since 2005. Details are provided below as to the shooting subjects and officers. Click on an entries to view narratives of alleged events leading up to each shooting. Information was gathered from police, prosecutor and media reports; court documents; families of the deceased; and numerous open-records requests.


Subject nameDate of
AgeLaw enforcement agencyShooting officerProsecutor's
weapon alleged
Nicholas McGehee 2014 12-28 28 Tooele County Sheriff's Office Not released Under investigation Gun
A deputy and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper went to a Stansbury Park home on a report that McGehee had cut his foot and needed medical help. But through a window they saw a man holding a shotgun, investigators said. At some point, McGehee’s wife came out of the house. McGehee followed, holding a handgun, investigators said. After ignoring two or three commands to put the gun down, McGehee allegedly pointed the gun at the deputy, who fired three times on McGehee, killing him. McGehee, a U.S. Army staff sergeant, was awarded a Purple Heart after twice being hit by IEDs in Iraq. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, his family said.
Ty Worthington 2014 11-22 26 South Jordan Police Sgt. Larimie Lancaster Justified Gun (fired)
Worthington's family called police to report he was trespassing after he was asked to leave. Lancaster found Worthington in a horse corral in the neighborhood. During the confrontation, Worthington allegedly pulled a gun out of his backpack and pointed it at Lancaster, who fired on Worthington. Worthington also fired two shots during the confrontation. Lancaster was testing a new body camera but did not turn it on because the confrontation escalated quickly, investigators said.
Luis Carlos Quintana 2014 10-25 39 Unified Police Department Officer Martin Berdaguer Justified Retractable razor knife
Police went to Quintana's home in Magna after receiving a report he was hurting himself. They said they found him cutting himself with a retractable razor knife in the middle of the road. Despite orders to stop, he allegedly charged at an officer, who shot him four times.
Jose Calzada 2014 10-21 35 Roy Police and Ogden Metro SWAT (multi-agency) Not released Under investigation Gun
Calzada called a suicide hotline and said he had a gun and wanted to kill himself. A hotline operator called 911, and police went to Calzada's home. During conversations with police and the hotline, Calzada said he wanted a shoot out with police. After a 6-hour standoff, a SWAT team went into the home and found Calzada in the trunk of a car, holding a handgun in his mouth. At some point, the officers fired multiple shots at Calzada.
Benjamin Jay Schroff 2014 09-11 37 St. George Police Sgt. Richard Triplett, Jr. and Officer Jareb Daniel Justified Guns (fired)
Schroff allegedly robbed a St. George bank at gunpoint and took two employees hostage, forcing one to drive him away in her car. As he fled, police said, he fired on their cruisers with a shotgun and handgun. He ran into a field. When police found him, he was “taking a shooting position toward officers,” who then shot him, investigators said.
Darrien Nathaniel Hunt 2014 09-10 22 Saratoga Springs Police Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson Justified Ornamental katana sword
Officers fired on Hunt near a Chinese restaurant in a shopping area. Prosecutors said he swung an ornamental Samurai-style sword at officers and was shot to death as he ran away from them; his family said the sword was part of a costume.
Christopher James Roskelley 2014 09-09 38 Ogden Police Not released Under investigation Gun
Roskelley was being investigated in connection with a shooting one week earlier that left a victim critically injured at an Ogden Rite Aid. Officers set up surveillance at an apartment Roskelley was renting and approached him when he pulled into the driveway. Multiple shots were fired. Roskelley allegedly had a gun, but investigators have released no other details as to what led to the shooting.
Dillon Taylor 2014 08-11 20 Salt Lake City Police Officer Bron Cruz Justified None
Officers approached Taylor outside a South Salt Lake 7-Eleven because Taylor matched the description of a man with a gun reported nearby by a 911 caller. Cruz shot Taylor after Taylor reached into his pants and lifted his shirt; however, Taylor was not armed.
Nicholas Lister 2014 07-25 31 Unified Police Department Officers Gary Evans and Shane Franchow Justified Gun
Police went to Lister's Millcreek home because of a reported "domestic situation" and spoke with Lister on the phone. When they tried to leave with his wife and let him “de-escalate,” he came outside with a gun and allegedly pointed it at the officers, who shot him.
Kristopher Chase Simmons 2014 06-04 35 Ogden Metro SWAT, Ogden Police Not released Under investigation Gun
Simmons, who was wanted on drug warrants, barricaded himself inside a car in a West Haven auto body shop. SWAT officers went into the shop and shot Simmons when he allegedly pointed a gun at them.
Siale Angilau 2014 04-21 25 U.S. Marshals Not released Justified Pen or pencil
U.S. Marshals shot Angilau when he allegedly rushed a witness at the Salt Lake City federal courthouse during his trial on charges of racketeering in connection to the Tongan Crip Gang.
Vincent John Farrand 2014 04-13 38 Centerville Police Officer Jason Read Justified Gun
Centerville police were called to Farrand’s house on reports he was suicidal and frightening his wife. He came outside with a gun, which officers asked him to put down. Instead he allegedly pointed it at officers, one of whom fired four shots at Farrand.
Christopher Leo Knight 2014 03-28 34 Salt Lake City Police Officer Moelealaolao Tafisi Justified Gun (fired and struck two officers, one in arm and one in thigh)
Knight, who was wanted in California on suspicion of drug possession, was stopped by Salt Lake City police officers. As he got out of the car, he fired at the two officers, striking one in the arm and one in the thigh. They returned fire, killing him.
Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui 2014 01-30 27 Juab County Sheriff's Office Not released Justified Gun (fired, striking two deputies, one fatally)
Juab County sheriff’s deputies fired on Garcia-Jauregui after he shot two Utah County sheriff’s deputies in separate locations; Sgt. Cory Wride was killed in Eagle Mountain when he stopped to check on Garcia-Jauregui’s car. Deputy Greg Sherwood was shot in the head in Santaquin and survived.
Travis Claye Davis 2013 09-29 37 Grantsville Police Lt. Steve Barrett Justified Gun
Davis, reported to be suicidal, was barricaded inside his home. He posted on Facebook that he would "have to go out like Billy The Kid" and took a hangun and extra magazine outside. He allegedly pointed a gun at Barrett and screamed, "I'll do it! I'll [expletive] do it!"
Jeff Foote 2013 05-25 39 Weber County Sheriff's Office Deputy John Millaway Justified Gun (fired once)
Deputies were trying to talk Foote out of committing suicide at his Washington Terrace home when Foote allegedly fired his gun at a negotiator. Millaway returned fire.
Cody Ramseyer 2013 03-29 49 Willard Police, Utah Highway Patrol, Pleasant View Police Willard Police Chief Nate Thompson Justified None
Troopers chased Ramseyer, who was seen driving erratically, at speeds reaching more than 100 mph thru Davis, Weber, Box Elder co's until Ramseyer crashed his SUV near Willard Bay on I-15. Police said Ramseyer, of Sandy, said he had a gun and would kill officers, and he told the officers to kill him. Officers twice deployed Tasers as Ramseyer allegedly moved "aggressively" toward the officers, but they did not stop him so Thompson shot Ramseyer.
Ronald Manuel Ontiveros 2013 03-19 37 U.S. Marshals, Unified Police Department, Syracuse Deputy U.S. Marshals Mark Thomson, Bobby Arnes, Jamie Ziegler; UPD Officer Aaron Lavin; Syracuse Sgt. Lance Jensen Justified, but prosecutors say officers did not cooperate with investigation. Gun (fired)
The U.S. Marshals' Joint Criminal Apprehension Team intended to arrest another man in a Salt Lake City raid when Ontiveros, who was near the house, began running away from them, investigators said. As he ran, Ontiveros allegedly fired a gun at officers, who returned heavy gunfire. More than 40 spent shell casings were found at the scene. Several officers at the scene refused to cooperate with the investigation, prosecutors said; some did not submit their firearms for review, and none would interview investigators. Only the agents provided written statements.
Brett Max Knight 2013 02-25 33 Utah County Sheriff's Office, Davis County Sheriff's Offices, Utah Highway Patrol Davis County deputy Kyle Sorensen; Utah County Sgt. Glen Keith, deputies John Mulder and Tyler Collet Justified Gun (fired)
Knight, a Utah County resident suspected in a Draper bank robbery, fled from police on Interstate 15; troopers and motorists said he pointed a gun at them. Officers stopped Knight in Davis County. He got out with a handgun, exchanged heated words with officers, and pointed the gun at them, investigators said. Four of them opened fire.
Kelly Fay Simons 2013 01-09 38 South Salt Lake Police, U.S. Marshals South Salt Lake Officer Joe Sutera Justified Vehicle
Simons and another woman were wanted in multiple robberies, during one of which they allegedly traded gunfire with Murray police. A few days later, the U.S. Marshals' Joint Criminal Apprehension Team spotted Simons in a pickup truck Salt Lake City. A federal agent blocked Simons escape; her truck hit his car, and she backed up toward Sutura, who had gotten out of his car. He stepped out of its path and fired six shots as it moved past him about 15-30 mph.
Jose Rodriguez-Castro 2012 12-20 32 Unified Police Department Officer Scott Lloyd Justified Knife
Rodriguez-Castro was cutting his girlfriend with a knife outside a Department of Workforce Services office in Taylorsville when a Unified Police Department officer shot him.
Danielle Willard 2012 11-02 21 West Valley City Police Detectives Shaun Cowley and Kevin Salmon Not justified; Cowley's manslaughter charge thrown out by judge. Vehicle
Cowley and Salmon said they approached Williard while she was sitting in her parked car after she allegedly bought heroin. Cowley said he fired on her as she backed up her car because he feared being hit by the car; however, prosecutors said they were in no danger of being struck. Cowley shot Willard in head; Salmon's gunfire grazed her chin. Salt Lake County District Attorney deemed the shooting unjustified and charged Cowley with manslaughter. Following a preliminary hearing, a judge threw out the charge, saying the shooting was legally justified.
Troy Burkinshaw 2012 10-26 52 Box Elder County Sheriff's Office Deputy Austin Bowcutt Justified Vehicle
Burkinshaw was pulled over after Bowcutt saw him urinating on the side of S.R. 13 near Corinne. After a low-speed chase to dead-end road, Bowcutt blocked Burkinshaw's vehicle with his police car and stepped in front of Burkinshaw's car. Bowcutt said he ordered Burkinshaw to stop, but Burkinshaw maneuvered to leave. When Burkinshaw failed to stop, Bowcutt fired three shots into Burkinshaw's car, which was going no faster than 2.8 mph, according to federal court documents.Two of the shots hit Burkinshaw, who died at the scene.
Corey Kanosh 2012 10-15 35 Millard County Sheriff's Office Deputy Dale Josse Justified None
Investigators say Kanosh's mother called police to report her son was drunk and had taken her car. Kanosh was shot and killed during a confrontation at the end of a car chase. Kanosh and another man fled on foot; Josse deployed a Taser at Kanosh, but he recovered and a struggle allegedly ensued when Josie tried to handcuff him. At some point during the confrontation, investigators say Josse was “going to the ground” with Kanosh on top of him. He shot Kanosh in the arm and torso. Josse was treated for injuries after the shooting, police said.
Anthony Mayhew 2012 09-27 39 Salt Lake City Police Officer Alma Sweeny Justified Explosive device
Mayhew was shot by police after threatening to detonate a bomb at a downtown Salt Lake City TRAX station. A backpack he was carrying was later found to contain a bomb.
Sean Morrison 2012 03-18 15 Unified Police Department Officers Brian Todd and Bryan Madsen Justified Gun (fired)
Morrison's mother called police after the teen raided his parents' gun collection. He went outside wearing a bullet-proof vest, a trench coat and a ski mask. He shot at Todd and Madsen, who returned fire, killing him. Morrison's family said he suffered from mental illness.
Kent Ashworth 2011 12-29 49 West Valley City Police Officer J. Averett, Officer K. McLachlan, Det. L. Johnson Justified Gun (fired once at building across street)
Ashworth took his son's handgun and parked outside a maintenance shop for city-owned vehicles, where police were doing a training exercise. Police said Ashworth approached Averett with a gun and refused to drop it. He said the gun wasn't fake and allegedly fired it at a business complex across the street. Other officers arrived and fired on Ashworth as he allegedly began to raise the gun again. Ashworth's family described him as a “gentle man,” who had suffered mental impairments related to liver disease, and his medications had psychological side effects.
Carl Hinshaw 2011 09-27 43 Salt Lake City Police Sgt. D. Christensen Justified Knife (mistaken for gun)
Hinshaw, suspected in a robbery, was staying with his wife and daughter at a hotel. When police entered the room, Hinshaw allegedly jumped out with what officers reportedly thought was a gun; it was actually a folding knife.
Josue Ismael Ramirez-Perez 2011 08-05 19 Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Aaron Colvin Justified Gun (fired)
Colvin tried to pull Ramirez-Perez over when a high-speed chase began. Colvin forced Ramirez-Perez into an I-215 off-ramp wall in Salt Lake City when a shootout began. Ramirez-Perez fired twice, but missed Colvin.
Jeffrey J. Sorensen 2011 07-29 43 Salina Police Officer Cory Madsen Justified None
Madsen pulled Sorensen over on suspicion of drunk driving. Sorensen allegedly struggled when Madsen tried to cuff him. Sorensen allegedly hit Madsen in the head, knocking him to the ground. Madsen shot Sorensen once, killing him.
Jesus Merino 2011 06-24 31 West Valley City Police, Utah Highway Patrol West Valley City Det. John Dietrich, officers Levi Lloyd and Josh Fife, UHP Trooper Steve Marble Justified Gun (fired, wounded two officers)
Police said Merino fled from officers after he allegedly robbed a Taylorsville gas station. Investigators said he tried to ram an officer with his car and fired a gun at police. Merino hit a spike strip and ran from his car. Dietrich drove his car at Merino, striking him, but Merino still had the gun. He fired on officers, wounding two of them. Two West Valley City officers were wounded by gunfire. Lloyd, Fife and Marble all shot at Merino, killing him.
Sean Krummi 2011 04-11 23 West Valley City Police Officers David Black and Lucas Johnson Justified Airsoft replica of a Taurus Millennium semi-automatic
Krummi's mother called police during a fight and said her son was out of control after he said he wanted to be “removed” from her life. Krummi went outside and sat in a chair on the lawn. Investigators said Black approached Krummi and asked how is day was going. Krummi allegedly pulled out what later proved to be an airsoft replica gun and pointed it at Black. After two ignored commands to drop the gun, Black shot Krummi twice in the torso. Johnson also fired but missed.
Steven Leonard 2011 04-01 63 Salt Lake City Police Officer Devin Stutz Justified None
Stutz was chasing Leonard after a bank robbery and carjacking and ordered him to stop. As he ran toward a playground full of children, Leonard reached at his waistband for what Stutz thought was a gun. Stutz fired on Leonard, who actually was reaching for a wad of cash. The carjacking victim had said Leonard had a gun.
Brent Marlin Imes 2011 02-10 49 South Ogden Police Officer Bryan Hough Justified Gun (fired)
A police sergeant spotted Imes pulling a suitcase and animal carrier through some parking lots and said he looked suspicious because of recent thefts in the area. Hough confronted Imes, who refused to identify himself. Imes initially complied with Hough's orders to remove his hand from his pocket, but then he put his hand back in, swung around and fired a gun twice from inside the pocket. Hough returned fire, killing Imes. The items Imes was carrying were stolen in the recent thefts.
Cody Allen White 2011 01-04 25 Davis County Sheriff's Office, Weber County Sheriff's Office, Clinton Police Davis County deputies Mike Diatolla and Ashley Fox; Weber County Sgt. Mike Streaker; Clinton officers Tyler Cunningham and Shawn Stoker Justified Gun
White, in a stolen pickup, led police in a chase until he crashed in field in Hooper. He allegedly ran from officers and then pointed a gun at them. Diatolla fired the fatal shot; investigators did not say which of the other officers' gunfire struck White, but prosecutors cleared all involved officers of wrongdoing.
Daniel Pogue 2010 12-25 54 South Jordan Police Officer Matthew Pennington Justified Gun, machete
Pogue was reported to be acting erratically outside the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple on Christmas Day. Investigators said officers told him to drop to the ground. Instead, he allegedly picked up a shotgun and started running at a group of three people. Pennington fired once, striking Pogue in the torso. Investigators said he also was carrying a machete and had a cache of other guns in his car.
Brandon Eric Chief 2010 12-17 21 West Valley City Police Officer Levi Lloyd Justified Knife
Chief had hit his teenage niece during a fight and was throwing furniture and other items around the house when the niece called 911. Police arrived and went inside to find Chief in a hallway. Chief first walked away but then he turned around and brandished a paring knife, officers said, prompting Lloyd to shoot four times and another officer to deploy a Taser. However, Chief's family says their private investigation shows Chief was shot first in the back, then in the front.
Paulo Berumen 2010 11-05 34 Clinton Police Detectives Shawn Stoker and Bryan Haywood Justified Knife
After a domestic dispute, Berumen tried to cut his neck with a butcher knife. After officers fired Tasers unsuccessfully, Beruman threw the knife at officers, who shot him. One officer was struck by the knife but not wounded.
Todd E. Blair 2010 09-16 45 Ogden Police via Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett Justified Golf club (Burnett said he thought it might have been a sword)
The Strike Force had been investigating Blair's former roommate, a suspected drug dealer, but had received reports that Blair also was dealing. They secured a no-knock search warrant for Blair's home in Roy, citing the roommate's likelihood of destroying the drugs if given any advance warning; however, officers later said they knew the roommate already had moved out. Officers planned to stop Blair in his car and search the house while he was gone, but they pulled over his friends by mistake and decided to raid the house while he was there. Blair emerged into a hallway, holding a golf club. Burnett shot him. A small bag of crystal substance was found, but police would not identify the substance or the amount.
Brandon Barrett 2010 08-27 28 Salt Lake City Police Officer Uppson Downes Justified Gun (fired, wounding one officer)
Barrett, a despondent veteran recently home from Afghanistan, paced outside the Grand America Hotel in combat gear. Downes said he told Barrett to lower his weapon. Instead, Barrett fired at least eight times on Downes, striking him in the leg. Downes returned fire, killing Barrett.
William Oakden 2010 07-09 30 Woods Cross, West Bountiful police Woods Cross Officer Adam Osoro and West Bountiful Officer Trent Wass Justified Airsoft gun (fired)
Oakden slit his wrists and got help from a neighbor, who called 911. Officers arrived to find Oakden with his neighbor on the porch. When Oakden was ordered to raise his hands, his shirt rose with his hands, revealing a gun tucked in his pants. He allegedly dropped his hands, pulled out the gun — an airsoft toy gun — and pointed it at officers. The airsoft gun fired, and officers fired on Oakden, who was struck 16 times.
Ronnie Lee Gardner 2010 06-18 49 Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (now Unified Police Department) Not released N/A (execution) n/a (execution)
Gardner was executed by firing squad. He was convicted of murder and attempted murder in a courthouse shooting in 1985.
Ronald Ethington 2010 05-08 35 Provo Police Officers Chris Chambers and Troy Cook Justified Gun (rusted over and inoperable)
Ethington allegedly tried to steal beer from a grocery store. Employees tried to subdue and restrain him in a break room, but when police arrived, Ethington and two other men were fighting for control of a handgun. They fired a Taser at him, but instead struck a store employee, who lunged at Ethington and became tangled in the leads and wires. Officers told Ethington to drop the gun, but he allegedly pointed the gun at officers. Chambers alternated gunfire and commands, but Ethington kept pointing the gun. He died after being shot seven times.
Favian Martinez 2010 05-01 20 Salt Lake City Police Officers Bradley Shupe and Kory Olsen Justified Gun
Martinez was fighting with a woman when a witness tried to intervene, investigators said. Martinez allegedly pointed a gun at the witness who called 911. Shupe and Olsen found him at an apartment building. They told him to put his hands up, but he allegedly pointed a gun at one of the officers, who opened fire.
Gary Wheeler 2010 02-17 44 Roosevelt Police Officer T.J. Bird Justified Vehicle
Wheeler, driving a stolen pickup, allegedly rammed Bird's cruiser after Bird cut him off. When Wheeler reversed the truck to continue, Bird got out of his cruiser and approached the truck with his gun drawn. Bird got into the passenger side while the tires were spinning on ice and ordered Wheeler out of the truck. Wheeler complied initially, but as Bird began to walk around the front of the truck, Wheeler jumped back in and hit the accelerator. Bird fired through the windshield from the side of the truck and again through the open passenger door, killing Wheeler.
Travis Paul Johnson 2010 01-27 39 West Valley City Police Officer Alton Jue Justified Vehicle
Jue and another officer, both in plainclothes, approached Johnson after he allegedly bought heroin in a Burger King parking lot. Police said Johnson backed up the car after they identified themselves as officers. When Jue's partner put his hands on the car hood to stop him, he allegedly accelerated, running over the officer's foot and knocking him down. Jue fired on Johnson, who died at a hospital.
Tevita Talano Fisiitalia 2010 01-01 22 Cottonwood Heights Police, Midvale Police Cottonwood Heights Officer Christopher McHugh, Midvale officer Brian Todd Justified Gun (fired, killing police dog Koda)
Police chased Fisiitalia and three others from the scene of a botched home burglary in Midvale. When Koda, a police dog, cornered Fisiitalia, he shot the dog to death. As police continued to chase him, he allegedly pointed a gun at officers, who opened fire. A round fired by Todd struck Fisiitalia in the head, killing him.
Todd B. Hainsworth 2009 11-03 50 Utah County Sheriff's Office Detective Zachary Adams and Dep. Corey King Justified Gun (fired during 911 call)
Hainsworth called 911, told dispatchers he had taken 60 Clonazepam pills to kill himself and fired three gunshots. Deputies in an airplane spotted his pickup 3 miles from Utah Lake's Lincoln Beach; officers soon showed up in an armored van and patrol cars. He refused to show his hands and drove his truck away. Near the beach, he drove over a spike strip and a fence, continuing toward the beach and refusing to show his hands. He got out and allegedly pointed a handgun at the armored van; Adams and King shot Hainsworth from the van.
Craig Steiner 2009 10-09 48 St. George Police Officer William J. Sweetwood Justified Pellet gun
A friend of Steiner's wife called 911 to report Steiner said he had killed his wife, but then the friend received a text message from the wife's phone, stating she was not dead. Officers found Steiner's wife and daughter standing in their driveway; the wife said Steiner claimed to have killed her “so that the police would come over and shoot him,” noting that he was dealing with medical issues. Officers said Steiner came out of the house holding what appeared to be a rifle and pointed it at them when Sweetwood shot him. The gun was actually a pellet gun; Steiner's wife said she told the officers that Steiner's gun wasn't real.
Christopher Joseph Tucker 2009 08-06 30 Salt Lake City Police Officer Louis Abner Jones Justified Vehicle
Jones shot Tucker after Tucker allegedly led authorities on a low-speed chase on Interstate 80, which ended when a trooper executed a PIT maneuver, stopping Tucker's pickup truck near Saltair. Investigators say Tucker rammed a trooper's car and threw the car into reverse, turning his wheels toward an officer, when Jones shot him. Tucker's family sued police, saying that Jones' dash cam video showed he did not activate his lights or sirens to stop Tucker, who was suffering from medical problems and may have been in diabetic shock. The family said the case settled for $100,000.
George Huntzinger 2009 06-24 64 Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (now Unified Police Department) Sgt. Randy Thomas, Deputy Damien Gambill Justified Gun (fired)
Huntzinger, a former social service worker and veteran, fired a shotgun from his Millcreek apartment balcony. After 40 minutes of failed negotiations with a SWAT team, an officer shot Huntzinger. Huntzinger had fired eight rounds when he died. Investigators found ammunition stashed at each window of the apartment. His shots appeared to be indiscriminate; family said his marksmanship was excellent, and he would have shot officers if that was his intention.
Wade Russell Pennington 2009 05-28 41 South Jordan Police Officer Jared Nichols Justified Vehicle
Nichols shot Pennington twice after he led police on a chase. Nichols and another officer trapped Pennington's SUV in a cul-de-sac; Pennington kept revving his engine and trying to flee, police said. Pennington's parents sued the department for $1 million, but the lawsuit was dismissed at the stipulation of both parties. Nichols was found justified in the shooting. The other officer who trapped Pennington in the cul-de-sac was fired for failing to activate his emergency lights during the car chase.
Michael Batchelor 2009 04-19 33 Payson Police, Utah County Sheriff's Office Payson Det. Doug Howell, Utah County Sheriff's Dep. Zac Adams Justified Gun
Batchelor reportedly was despondent about money and family problems when he sent a text message to his wife, stating “I love you and goodbye.” Relatives went to his Santaquin home, where they heard a gunshot and called police. Batchelor yelled at the responding SWAT team to leave. After an hour or so, he allegedly went to an open front door and pointed a shotgun at police, who shot him. Officers said they ordered him several times to put down the gun.
Damon Lee Weems 2009 04-11 30 Roy Police Sgt. Mike Elliott and Officer Brian Seward Justified Gun (fired into wall)
During a family dispute in which Weems was suicidal, Weems allegedly threatened his mother with a knife to get a shotgun she was trying to hide from him. Weems struggled with his mother over the gun, firing it into wall and nearly hitting his 10-year-old son, prosecutors said. Weems then barricaded himself in a bedroom and fired his gun twice as officers tried to get his mother and son out of the apartment. He allegedly came out, carrying gun in "an aggressive 'ready' position," prosecutors wrote. Seward and Elliott fired, both striking him. Weems fired, narrowly missing Elliott.
Michael John Taylor 2009 02-27 64 Weber County Sheriff's Office Deputy Curtis Ricks Justified Gun
Taylor, recently charged with aggravated sex abuse of a child, tried to goad police into killing him during a 90-minute stand-off, investigators said. Officers had been on the phone with him while he hid in the barn at his West Haven house, trying to convince him not to kill himself. He allegedly approached officers, holding a gun. Officers had been told by a commander to use non-lethal force and fired bean-bag rounds at Taylor. But Ricks, who said he didn't know about that order, decided Taylor was too close to another officer and fired on him.
Jeffrey Cramer 2009 02-26 36 Layton Police Sgt. Jason Hinojosa and Officer Anthony Yuen Justified Gun (fired)
Cramer called a police dispatcher and said he wanted to hurt someone. He previously had pointed a gun at his wife, not realizing who she was, investigators said. Officers went to his house and ordered him eight times to come outside with his hands empty, prosecutors said. Instead, he allegedly went outside and pointed his gun at a police sergeant. Police said Cramer fired once at police during the encounter. Hinojosa and Yuen fired on Cramer, killing him.
Hussein Al-Rekabi 2009 01-24 19 Salt Lake City Police Not released Justified Gun (fired)
Al-Rekabi opened fire on a downtown night club while angry relatives allegedly shouted death threats at officers. Al-Rekabi ignored an officer's command to stop, so police shot him to death. Investigators say his younger brother and other members of the Iraqi Mafia gang plotted to kidnap, torture and kill a Salt Lake City officer.
Marcus Agrillo 2008 10-17 38 West Valley City Police, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (now Unified Police Department), U.S. Marshals, Taylorsville Police, Utah Department of Corrections Taylorsville Det. Brett Miller; WVC sergeants Saul Bailey and Todd Grey, Det. John Lafavor; Dep. U.S. Marshal Jon Burnett, Utah DOC Agent Jared Golding Justified Unknown
Agrillo and two others allegedly carjacked a vehicle before they were cornered by police in West Valley City. Two of the suspects surrendered, but Agrillo refused to get out of the car and told police he had a gun, prosecutors said. Agrillo allegedly pointed what appeared to be a gun at officers, who shot at him. Prosecutors and police did not release whether the item in Agrillo's hand actually was a gun.
Brian Wood 2008 09-22 37 Davis County Sheriff's Office Dep. Joshua Boucher Justified Gun
Wood, a part-time firefighter, called 911 and falsely claimed that he beat and raped his wife. Wood got in a pickup outside his Farmington home with two pistols, firing one after officers arrived at the home. After two hours, officers used tear gas to force Wood out of the car, where he waited for several more hours. Officers used foam batons, pepper balls, flash-bangs and Tasers to get him to drop the gun. One officer struck Wood eight times in less than a minute, and Wood's family said the autopsy shows he also was struck by a second taser. Boucher shot Wood while he was on the ground, claiming Wood pointed a gun at him. Wood's family has said ballistic evidence shows Wood was not facing Boucher when the bullet struck him.
Richard Jackson 2008 08-31 40 West Valley City Police Officer Tyler Longman Justified Knife
Jackson's 16-year-old daughter called dispatchers to report Jackson was choking her mother. Officers said they arrived to find Jackson had dragged his wife down the street, screaming while holding a knife to her neck. Longman shot Jackson once in the head after Jackson allegedly would not comply with officers' orders to release her. Jackson also allegedly began counting down from the number 10 to indicate when he would kill her.
Gregory Lamb 2008 08-12 28 Logan Police, North Park Police, Smithfield Police, Utah State University Police Officers Brooks Davis, John Seamons, Jake Walker, Dustin Elleman, Ryan Blau, Weston Goodrich Justified Gun
Lamb's father called 911 to report that Lamb was “totally intoxicated” and “threatening our lives.” After police arrived at his Hyde Park home, Lamb allegedly fired several shots out the window. After phone negotiations failed, Lamb came outside with two pistols and allegedly began to point one of the guns toward officers, six of whom fired on Lamb.
Thanh Minh Tran 2008 07-01 36 West Valley City Police Officers Anthony Ricci, Dan Hamilton, John Dietrich Justified Gun (fired)
Tran allegedly held up a jewelry store at gunpoint when the store owner's son called police. Tran tried to leave the store with a case of jewelry, but when police arrived he forced the owner to leave with him. She broke free and ran toward the parking lot. Tran turned toward the officers and fired one round. Officers fired back, hitting Tran in the torso.
Kelly Wark 2008 06-23 34 Lehi Police Officers Greg Neer and Scott McDonald Justified Gun (fired, striking a captain in the head)
Wark, who had a history of mental illness, had moved from Washington state to Provo to attend massage therapy school. Capt. Harold Terry stopped Wark's car because a witness said she might be driving under the influence. Police said Wark and Terry spoke briefly when some kind of struggle broke out between them. Terry was shot twice in the head; two other officers shot and killed Wark as she got out of the car.
Jose Enrique Gelpi 2008 03-20 48 Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (now Unified Police Department) Det. Miguel Miranda Justified Vehicle
Gelpi was in his car when undercover officers tried to arrest him near Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. Miranda was undercover when Gelpi, a suspected drug runner, allegedly tried to flee in his SUV, striking a sergeant who was on foot and causing minor injuries to his leg. Miranda shot him to death.
Ron Larsen 2008 01-23 53 South Salt Lake Police Officers Chase Hermansen and Stephen Bernards Justified Gun (fired)
A woman ran into a nearby office saying she needed to call 911 to report a domestic dispute involving one of her friends. An office receptionist saw Larsen outside his house across the street, “ranting and raving” at a woman sitting in the yard. Police arrived at Larsen's home, where Larsen allegedly fired a gun at Hermansen. Hermansen and Bernards returned fire, killing Larsen.
Ross Sullivan 2008 01-21 39 South Salt Lake Police Officer Jason Rasmussen Justified Sword
Police were called to Sullivan's apartment after neighbors said he was banging an outdoor railing with a sword and had thrown a TV, a Christmas tree and a toy Santa Claus into the courtyard from a fourth-floor balcony. During the a standoff, Sullivan allegedly pushed a sword through his apartment door and fled as officers unsuccessfully tried to fire a Taser at him. Sullivan then returned to his apartment, and officers said they followed him inside. There he allegedly struck one officer with the sword, cutting his jacket and causing a "blunt force injury," police said. When Sullivan allegedly began to swing the sword at Rasmussen. Rasmussen shot and killed him.
Patrick Rees 2007 12-22 38 Sandy Lt. William O'Neil, Sgt. David Worthington, Officer Brandon Colton Justified Gun
Officers went to Rees' home because a bail bondsman was revoking his bail, and Rees was wanted on domestic violence allegations. Rees' wife let police inside, where they found Rees hiding in the attic. Rees allegedly jumped out from under insulation, pointing a gun at O'Neil. The officers fired on Rees, killing him.
Robert Lynn Harris 2007 11-02 30 U.S. Marshals Deputy Marshals Jim Phelps and Mark Thomson Justified Gun reported, but that allegation was disputed
The mother of Harris' girlfriend called marshals because Harris allegedly said he was going to “smash” his girlfriend. Marshals went to the West Valley City dry cleaning shop where the girlfriend worked. Harris and the girlfriend were having a breakup conversation when the marshals arrived, relatives said. Harris, who was wanted for violating federal probation, tried to flee. The marshals said they saw a revolver in Harris' hand and shot him. The girlfriend said he was not armed and marshals didn't order him to freeze before shooting him.
Stephen Atiana/Oleiratiana 2007 10-10 45 Salt Lake City Police Officer Jenn Diederich Justified Knife
Atiana had stabbed two men in Pioneer Park, one fatally, when Diederich shot Atiana. Police said Atiana threatened Diederich with the knife.
James Gaylord III 2007 09-23 29 Grand County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Curt Brewer Justified Guns
Deputies went to Gaylord's mobile home due to reports he was suicidal and armed. Deputies and Moab police said they urged Gaylord to put down his guns and surrender. Instead, he walked out of the mobile home, carrying a rifle and handgun. Brewer shot him as he approached officers and reached for the handgun.
Christopher Cotton 2007 08-22 22 West Valley City Police Officers Kevin Salmon and Tyler Longman Justified Gun
Cotton was asleep in a car parked at a 7-Eleven when Salmon stopped for a drink and saw him. Two hours later, Salmon saw Cotton still was asleep and employees wanted Cotton to leave because he was taking up a handicapped parking space. Salmon called for assistance and woke up Cotton; Salmon said Cotton acted nervously and had no ID. Cotton was holding a gun, which he allegedly turned toward Salmon. Salmon and Longman fired multiple shots at Cotton.
Ricky Christopher Raso 2007 08-18 32 Salt Lake City Police Officer Ben Jones Justified None
According to a heavily-redacted police report, someone called 911 to report Raso was threatening to kill himself, contradicting initial police statements that a caller said Raso had a gun and was threatening passers-by. Police wrote that dispatchers told officers Raso had a gun, but none was seen. At some point, Raso reached into a pocket while charging at Jones, when Jones fired on him. The department declined Tribune requests for the 911 recordings.
Darren Neal Greuber Sr. 2007 07-14 48 West Jordan Police, South Jordan Police via Salt Lake County Gang Unit West Jordan Det. Aaron L. Daley, South Jordan Officer Jared Nichols Justified Vehicle
Members of the Salt Lake County Gang Unit tried to serve a search warrant on Grueber, surrounding him as he parked at a Taylorsville apartment. Grueber's car struck a a tree and another car while patrol vehicles blocked him in. Nichols approached the passenger side and ordered Grueber to stop the car. He did not. The officers fired on him.
Steven Sickler 2007 07-06 45 Salt Lake City Police Officer Scott Mourtgos Justified Gun
Police said Sickler tried to carjack a man but was fought off; he then ran to a nearby house and took a woman hostage. He allegedly held her at gunpoint until he turned his head to talk to a police negotiator, creating a small space between himself and the hostage; Mourtgos fired an AR-15 assault rifle, striking Sickler in the head.
Steven Lane 2007 06-17 29 Centerville PD Lt. Paul Child Justified Gun
Child and another officer went to Lane's Centerville home to investigate a reported assault. Lane wouldn't come outside, so his girlfriend invited officers into their bedroom, where Lane allegedly pointed a rifle at Child. The girlfriend and her daughter corroborated Child's account.
William Florez 2007 05-31 51 Layton Police, Ogden Police, Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force Layton Sgt. Travis Homer, Ogden officer Jacob Sube Justified B.B. gun
The Strike Force was serving a no-knock warrant at Florez's home after undercover officers bought meth and a gun from him. Homer was at the living room window when Florez appeared in the doorway and pointed a gun at Homer. Homer fired and missed; Sube fired twice and killed Florez. The gun was a BB gun replica of a semi-automatic handgun.
Jesse Cochran 2007 04-28 26 Midvale Police Sgt. Marcello Rapela, Officers Kresdon Bennett, Ryan Watson Justified Vehicle
Officers said they tried to pull Cochran over on suspicion of drunken driving, but he fled, crashing into another car nearby. Cochran then led police on a foot chase and allegedly stole a Cadillac at knife-point. Police say he struck one officer with the car, causing minor injuries, and slammed into a cruiser when officers fired on him.
Luis Mandajano Garcia 2007 03-14 36 West Valley City Police Officer Andy Attridge Justified Gun (fired once at ground)
Undercover officers arranged a drug sale with Garcia, a suspected dealer, and planned to arrest him. They said when they closed in on his car, Garcia pointed a gun at one officer's head. Atteridge fired seven times, killing Garcia. Garcia fired one round through the floor of the car.
Armondo Jerome Sanchez 2007 02-22 41 Ogden Police Officer Jeremy Nelson Justified Gun
Police saw Sanchez running from one of two businesses that had reported robberies, and chased him behind some houses. Police said Sanchez was holding a gun and dropped it when ordered. But when ordered to lay on the ground, Sanchez allegedly picked up the gun and pointed it at Nelson. Nelson shot Sanchez once in the torso; Sanchez died the next day.
Sulejman Talovic 2007 02-12 18 Salt Lake City Police, Ogden Police Ogden Officer Kenneth Hammond (off-duty); Salt Lake City sergeants Andrew Oblad and Josh Scharman, detectives Brett Olsen and Dustin Marshall Justified Guns (fired, killing five civilians and wounding four)
Talovic opened fire on shoppers at Trolley Square, killing five and wounding four. Hammond traded gunfire with him, as did SLCPD officers, who fatally shot him.
Jesse Gene Turnbow 2006 12-18 29 Ogden Police Officers Ed Mahon, Derek Draper and John Sattelmair Justified Gun (fired)
Turnbow's father-in-law said his daughter, described as Turnbow's common-law wife, was fighting with Turnbow. The father-in-law said Turnbow had a gun and was threatening to kill himself and his wife's family. Turnbow was later spotted by neighbors walking up the street with a shotgun, which he allegedly fired randomly at least once. Police said Turnbow initiated gunfire when they tried to question him and reloaded during a shootout in which he fired eight shots. Turnbow's wife sued police, saying Turnbow had put down his gun and was trying to surrender when they shot him. A federal judge dismised the lawsuit. Officers fired at least 51 shots, striking Turnbow with about 20 of them.
Jose Castaneda, a.k.a. Alex Rivera a.k.a. Carlos Rivera 2006 09-15 18 Salt Lake City Police Officer Alma Sweeny Justified Gun (fired)
A 911 caller whose home was burglarized the night before said someone in a mask and holding a gun had just knocked on his door and fled when the caller answered. Sweeney saw Rivera walking nearby. Rivera allegedly refused to take his hands out of his pockets and ran away from Sweeney, who chased him. When Sweeney was about 10 feet from Rivera, Rivera allegedly pulled out a gun and fired at Sweeney. Sweeney returned fire, killing Rivera.
William Glen Maw 2006 05-27 35 Ogden Police Sgt. Troy Burnett and Officer Aaron Hawes Justified Gun
A trooper said he pulled Maw over because he and his passenger weren't wearing seatbelts. Burnett said he stopped to assist and recognized Maw as a white supremacist with a criminal history. He said he stayed to ensure the trooper's safety as he arrested Maw's passenger on an outstanding warrant. Burnett said he saw Maw move in the car and ordered him to get out for a pat-down. Instead Maw ran away. He allegedly raised his shirt, grabbed a gun and pointed it at Burnett. Burnett fired four times, knocking Maw to the ground. When Maw allegedly kept holding the gun raised, Burnett fired twice more and Hawes fired once.
Tony Shane Francis 2006 02-28 42 Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office Deputies John Crowley and Dan Bruso Justified Gun (fired)
A deputy noticed Francis was driving an SUV with stolen plates and tried to pull him over. Instead Francis led officers on a 25-mile chase to Indian Canyon, where Francis crashed the truck. He got out, fired a gun at the officers and jumped into a pickup vacated by a retreating deputy. He then crashed that truck. As officers approached, he alleged fired again; they shot him while he was in the truck. Francis had absconded from federal parole in Oregon.
James Castillo 2005 10-29 38 West Jordan Police Not released Justified Gun
Castillo and his wife had a fight, and his wife left the house with her two children. She said Castillo shoved her and was threatening suicide. Castillo soon called 911 himself and said, “I have a gun and I'm going to hurt [the] first person to come to the door.” He barricaded himself inside, and officers heard what sounded like gunshots in the home. Over the next two hours he called police twice. He then opened the door and yelled, “Come and get me.” Officers told him to come outside, but he ran at police. Officers found exploded firecrackers in the house.
Bounmy Ousa 2005 07-07 59 West Valley City Police Officers Steven C. Ward and Matt Carman Justified Flashlight, mistaken for gun (disputed by relatives, who say Ousa was empty-handed)
Ward and Carman were parked in an unmarked car as part of a stakeout of another home when Ousa approached. Police said the officers opened fire after they saw Ousa brandish what they thought was a weapon but was actually a flashlight. Ousa's family said the officers took the flashlight from their home and planted it on Ousa to justify the shooting. The family also said Ward was on steroids, and Ward later resigned amidst a drug investigation against him. West Valley City settled a lawsuit with Ousa's family for $450,000.
Bruce Cleveland 2005 02-25 40 Orem Police Officers Robert J. Flygare and Ross Snyder Justified Guns (fired)
Cleveland was suspected of robbing a Pleasant Grove bank and eluded police during a car chase. He was later found at his Orem home. Cleveland, who allegedly had a gun in each hand, opened his garage door and hid behind a car. When officers told him to drop the guns, Cleveland allegedly climbed onto the car and fired three shots at officers. They returned fire, striking Cleveland several times.