Loop trail, Stansbury Mountains - Tooele County

On the Stansbury Front Trail, Ellen Jinkins is an inspiration to all hikers. With a right-ankle replacement, she completed the loop.


From the parking area, the trail leads into West Canyon on an OHV road. Near the start, you encounter a trail split for the Stansbury Front Trail. Go left. The trail drops into Magpie Canyon for a short distance, then follows the eastern side of the Stansbury Mountains. The trail is smooth, with views of the Tooele area. After you cross a cattle guard about three miles in, the trail makes two sweeping switchbacks and drops into Baker Canyon. Go right. The trail in Baker Canyon is overgrown and sometimes indistinct. Just stay near the bottom drainage as you make your way up the canyon. This section is the steepest part of the hike. Near the top of the canyon you see the ridgeline in front of you, with a rocky outcrop on the right side. Head for the rocks. From the ridge you look into Box Canyon and see the overgrown trail heading north to the second ridge of West Canyon. There is little elevation gain between the ridges. From the second ridge, the trail drops into West Canyon. Enjoy this beautiful canyon as you complete the loop trail. Best seasons: Spring & Fall

Getting there: From Grantsville, drive west on Highway 138. Turn left onto Mack Canyon Road and drive 5.5 miles on the dirt road. The road isn't suitable for cars, only high clearance or 4-by-4 vehicles, and may be impassable during wet conditions. Trail is posted.


-- Photo, text and graphic by Steve Baker (baker@sltrib.com)

Region: West Desert

Destination: Mountain views

Distance: 8.5 miles

Time: 6 to 7 hours

Elevation Gain:

Dog Allowed: Yes

Restrooms: No

Biking: clearance

Difficulty: 5


First published 2006-11-16