Dale Peak

A hiker approaches Dale Peak (left) between Parleys and Emigration Canyons.


The trail to Dale Peak is littered with scurrying lizards, yellow and white wildflowers and scrub oak. The trail begins behind the restrooms and wanders southwest. You will encounter a number of moderately steep hills on this hike. The first one is about a half a mile in and lands you more than 300 feet above the trailhead. Heading west, you get great birds-eye views of Emigration and Parleys canyons. Dragonflies circle above as you negotiate the rolling hills. After about a mile and a half you reach a scrub-oak field where the trail narrows and the branches lick and scratch at your ankles and knees. At 1.8 miles you get your first glimpse of Salt Lake City. This is where the steepest stretch of the trail begins. There are no switchbacks on this difficult part of the thinning trail as loose shale and dirt slip under your feet. At mile 2.4 you reach a false summit. Continue south for about a quarter of a mile. When you finally reach Dale Peak you get panoramic views of Parleys and Emigration canyon, as well as views of Salt Lake City and communities south. Look carefully for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic survey marker to confirm your arrival.

Getting there: From Interstate 80 in Parleys Canyon, get off at East Canyon exit and turn left. Go several miles and turn left again into Emigration Canyon. Continue up the hill for about a mile and a half until your reach the summit where you will see a dirt parking lot with a restroom on the left side of the road.


-- Photo and text by Jason Bergreen, graphic by Amy Lewis/The Salt Lake Tribune

Region: Wasatch Canyons

Destination: Peak

Distance: 5.2

Time: 3.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,158 feet

Dog Allowed: No

Restrooms: Yes

Biking: N/A

Difficulty: 5


First published 2008-07-17