Lakeside Trail, Antelope Island State Park

The Lakeside Trail winds around part of the Great Salt Lake on Antelope Island State Park.


The Lakeside Trail is a beautiful hike around a portion of the Great Salt Lake. It begins at the campground near White Rock Bay and heads west along a well-maintained gravel path. Because there is little elevation gain this is a good hike for just about everybody. The trail ribbons past a sparse boulder field on the right as the lake comes into view in front of you and to the left. At mile 1.1 there are great views of the lake and nearby mountains in the distance. The trail turns slightly north and continues between the water and the boulder field. The path is rockier here but not difficult. At mile 2, the Wasatch Mountain range north of Ogden comes into view. Continue northeast past a broken bench. Small waves lap the salt that lines areas of Bridger Bay. Follow the path east where the trail ends at the Bridger Bay Campground. Turn around to complete the out-and back hike or make plans for a pick-up car to return you to White Rock Bay.; Dogs and horses: Yes; Day fee: $9

Getting there: From Salt Lake City, take Interstate 15 north to Exit 332. Turn left and head west on Antelope Drive for seven miles until you reach the park entrance.


-- Photo and text by Jason Bergreen, graphic by Amy Lewis/The Salt Lake Tribune

Region: Northern Utah

Destination: Bridger Bay

Distance: 5.6 miles

Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Elevation Gain: 69 (Starts at 4,223, high point is 4,290)

Dog Allowed: Yes

Restrooms: Yes, at campgrounds

Biking: N/A

GPS Location: 40.9579977, -112.2071702

Difficulty: 1


First published 2008-10-18