Negro Bill Canyon

Morning Glory Natural Bridge marks the end of Negro Bill Canyon trail. (Jason Bergreen/The Salt Lake Tribune)


The Negro Bill Trail travels along a cool, shallow stream almost the whole way to Morning Glory Natural Bridge. The level path heads southeast from the trailhead through various trees and brush, including prickly pear cactus. Gnats and bugs are present depending on the time of day. At .5 miles, the stream widens near a small, waterfall. Continuing southeast, you will step up and over a few boulders and into a shady area. The slickrock canyon walls are streaked black in spots. At the 1 mile mark, cross the stream. It is easy to walk on the rocky stream bed. There is an easy second and third crossing less than 100 yards down the trail. The scenery will become more picturesque. There are two more stream crossings near mile 1.2 before the path curves left and heads northeast. A minor incline ends near some boulders you must climb up and around at mile 1.4. Once again, you will cross the stream heading east. Up above and ahead of you is a small hole in the canyon wall. There are several more easy stream crossings. After 1.7 miles you'll see a trail sign. Follow it. Do not turn left. The trail then ascends over a rocky hill above the stream. At mile two, you will see the gigantic Morning Glory Natural Bridge at the back of a shady canyon. Follow the cairns through a group of waist high green bamboo shoots to the arch. Water trickles from a spring in the wall near the back.

Getting there: From Moab, travel three miles east on Highway 128 along the Colorado River. The trailhead parking lot is on the right side of the road.


-- Jason Bergreen/The Salt Lake Tribune

Region: Southeast Utah

Destination: Morning Glory Arch

Distance: 4.4 miles

Time: 2.5 hours

Elevation Gain: 279 feet

Dog Allowed: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Biking: Yes

GPS Location: 38.6102596, -109.5334509

Difficulty: 3


First published 2009-05-03