Little Black Mountain

Jason Bergreen | The Salt Lake Tribune


Head east up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Steiner Centennial section. The rocky path is wide, and scrub oak on both sides provides a bit of shade for about half a mile. At mile 0.08 is the City Creek Saddle and a great view of the University of Utah below. Do not follow the Bonneville Shoreline Trail anymore. Instead, continue northeast up a hill of dry grass and grasshoppers. You will wander up and back down several hills with great canyon views. At the third hill, 1.2 miles, veer slightly left and go around the fourth hill. Itís not a tough walk to hill six, where you get a taste of the steepness to come. Half way up hill six, veer left again, continuing east. The trail then curves north and east up another hill. At 2.1 miles you will reach an elevation of 6,398. This is just over halfway to the nearer of two Little Black Mountain peaks. Continue on another mile where the real steep part begins. From here, climb a brutal 800 feet in just more than half a mile. It gets grueling, and there is no shade. However, at mile 3.7 you will reach the top ridge of Little Black Hill, with spectacular views of Salt Lake, Davis, Tooele and Weber counties. You can continue on to reach another peak on the mountain, if you still have energy left.

Getting there: From South Temple, head north on I Street through the Avenues neighborhood. After about a mile, near the top of the hill, turn left onto North Hills Drive and follow the curve all the way around. Continue on 18th Avenue. Go through the stop sign at Little Valley Road and then turn left at the next street, Terrace Hills Drive. Park in the cul-de-sac a few hundred yards away. The trailhead is on the east side of the street.


-- Jason Bergreen/Amy Lewis

Region: Salt Lake County

Destination: Little Black Mountain

Distance: 7.4 miles

Time: 4 hours

Elevation Gain: 2,481 feet

Dog Allowed: Yes

Restrooms: No

Biking: Yes

Difficulty: 5


First published 2009-09-11