Radio towers hike

You get a great view of Great Salt Lake marshlands on the Radio towers hike. (ERIN ALBERTY / The Salt Lake Tribune)


This loop hike offers great views from the three radio towers above Ensign Peak. Walk north from Churchill Drive to a service road. Go right up the road and around the gate. The first and second towers are 1 mile and 1.5 mile beyond the gate. About 1/2 mile after the second tower, a jeep track leads south to the third tower. A signpost marks a trail that bobs down the ridge above City Creek Canyon to a trail junction. Continue southwest until Ensign Peak reappears. The path meets the Ensign Peak trail at a Great Salt Lake interpretive sign. The peak and monument are 0.1 mile above. Below the sign, a footpath heads north through the brush down the back side of the peak and returns you to the service road. Go left and take the original trail back to Churchill Drive.

Getting there: From the Capitol, go north on East Capitol Boulevard and turn west on Ensign Vista Drive. The first street past the nature park is North Churchill Drive. The trailhead is marked by two boulders on the north side of the street, just below the cul-de-sac. Parking is allowed on the south side of the street.


-- - Erin Alberty

Region: Salt Lake County

Destination: Radio Tower



Elevation Gain:

Dog Allowed:



Difficulty: 0


First published 2010-05-16