Feb. 12, 2021

From: The Salt Lake Tribune board of directors in recognition of Robert Kirby’s many contributions.

It is not easy to make people laugh. And it's even harder to do so in a one-way medium such as a printed newspaper.

For more than a quarter of a century, as the nation’s only religion humorist newspaper columnist, Robert Kirby surprised and delighted Salt Lake Tribune readers with his personal and personable observations on Utah’s unique culture.

Robert found the lighter moments within the most reverent and significant topics of the day. He opened a door for people into the predominant faith in our communities, enabling readers to understand and to question — in a constructive capacity — our cultural mores.

The Salt Lake Tribune and the hundreds of thousands who read and connected with Robert's columns over the years are the better for it. The Tribune board of directors expresses its deep gratitude for Robert's commitment to journalism and to our readers.

The board wishes Robert the best moving forward, in all endeavors.

Paul Huntsman, chair
Clint Betts
Luzmaria Cardenas
Randy Dryer
Fred Esplin
Holly Mullen
Ashish Patel
James Shelledy
Angie Welling