More efficient = less pollution

Since homes and buildings represent 32% to Utah's air pollution problem, energy efficient homes are a significant way you can help reduce emissions. When buying a new home, check out these energy-saving features (hover over to view):




Thicker walls means more insulation, which means less energy to heat and cool.





Extra Insulation
Attics should have at least

R-38 insulation installed.



Sealed joints (windows, doors)
Air tight structures mean air conditioners and furnaces consume less energy and release fewer emissions into the atmosphere.




Install an ENERGY STAR furnace with at least a 95 AFUE efficiency rating.




Look for ENERGY STAR appliances and a tankless water heater to reduce energy consumption.




A gas-powered lawn mower creates as much emissions as a car driving 169 miles. Upgrade to an electric mower and trimmer.

Source: Utah Clean Energy, UCAIR, EPA, Energy Star

Graphic by Christopher Cherrington  |  The Salt Lake Tribune