Mapping the Joe Hill case

Historic Salt lake City

This map shows the sites where the important events surrounding Joe Hill’s trial took place. The county's address system was adjusted after these events took place so the Tribune updated the markers to show where they would be on the map using modern guides. For example, what was once 1400 South is now 3300 South.

Eselius house

Eselius house where Joe Hill and Otto Appelquist stayed off and on during their time in the area. The house is where Hill was arrested late on January 13, 1914.


Hill's trial took place in the City and County Building in June 1914.

Utah State Prison

This was the entrance to the Utah State Prison where hill was executed on November 19, 1915.

Morrison house

The home of the Morrison family at the time of the murders

O'Donnell's Undertaking Parlor

This was the location of O'Donnell's Undertaking Parlor. Hill's body lay in state here on November 20, 1915 and then his funeral took place on November 21. Following the funeral his body was escorted to the Oregon Shortline Railroad housed in the Union Pacific Depot.

Union Pacific Depot

On November 21, six pall bearers and a parade of mourners escort Hill's body to the Union Pacific Depot where he is loaded on a train and sent to Chicago for a funeral that would take place there on November 25.


'Two toughs' spotted

Hilda Erickson, her friend Christine Larson and Otto Appelquist attend vaudeville show at the Empress Theater. Later that evening at 9:35 Frank and Phebe Seeley returning home from the same show at the Empress encounter two toughs on 800 South near the Morrison store about 10 minutes before the murders. The taller one is about 5-foot, 9-inches and weighs about 160 pounds. One had a scar on the side of his face or neck, one wearing a red bandana around his neck.

Morrison grocery store

Site of John G. Morrisons's grocery store where two masked men killed Morrison and his 17-year-old son Arling on January 10, 1914 at about 9:45.


John Holt hears the shots, goes outside to investigate and sees two men leave the store, cross 800 South and enter an alley between 800 and 900 South. Holt says one of the men moves more slowly than the other and held his hand to his chest as he ran.

'Oh, Bob"

Vera Hansen hears shots, goes to her front door and sees a man come out of the store; she goes to the sidewalk and says she believes she heard the man say "Oh, Bob" in a voice full of pain as he walks slightly stooped with hands drawn up to his chest. He goes to the intersection where two men wait for him and the three go into the alley behind the house of John P. and Nellie Mahan.

'I'm shot!'

John Mahan goes to window and sees two men, one of them clutching his chest, crossing 800 South toward the alley. Nellie Mahan hears the shots, looks out her windows and sees a man run from the store to the corner of 800 South, heard him utter words she didn't understand and then heard "I'm shot." He runs toward the alley in back of his house and she heard multiple voices toward the back of her house.

Man collapses

At 11:25pm, Peter Rhengreen sees two men on the sidewalk along 800 West, one about 6 feet tall, one shorter. The two split and the taller one walks toward Rhengreen but then suddenly lays down or collapses on the sidewalk, shuts his eyes and begins moaning. The man gets up and follows Rhengreen but then boards a passing streetcar.

W.J. Williams arrested

At 11:25pm, W.J. Williams is found walking near the grocery store and arrested, a bloody handkerchief is later found in his pocket; newspapers say he is suspected of being one of the killers.


At 11:26pm, street car conductor J.R. Usher sees a man boarded his car at 800 West and 700 South and says he sat hunched down in the seat. He appeared to be drunk when he got on but not when he exits at Main Street. Usher later is shown photos by police and identifies the man as Frank Z. Wilson.

Office of Dr. Frank M. McHugh

Joe HIll shows up at the home/office of Dr. Frank M. McHugh in Murray. Hill has a gunshot wound in his chest and says he was shot in a tussle with another man's wife or quarrel over a girl. Hill has a gun with him in a shoulder holster. He later claims he bought the gun, a 30-caliber Lugar, on Dec. 15, 1913. He claims, though, he was unarmed at the time he was shot but didn't say why he had the gun at McHugh's office.

Eselius home

Hill is taken back to the Eselius house at 1:30am on January 11, 1914. He is helped back to the by Dr. A.A. Bird who had helped McHugh tend Hill's wound.


The Salt Lake Valley street grid was adjusted in 1916. This map reflects addresses updated for today's grid. You can find an explanation for the changes here.